Joseph S Mann


Agile Development Practices Domain Driven Design RESTful APIs Microservices Cloud Computing & Storage Open Source


  • Python,  Javascript,  Golang,  C#,  C,  C++,  Bash,  Perl
  • Django,  React,  NodeJS,  Flask,  AngularJS,  ASP.NET
  • Postgres,  Redis,  MySQL,  MongoDB
  • RESTful APIs,  AWS,  GraphQL
  • Experience

    Spire Global

    Engineering Manger, Space Operations Software
    November 2018 - Present
    Lead development of tools and systems for constellation monitoring
    • Manage engineers and guide career development
    • Plan product roadmap
    • Lead team in agile software development
    • Build features and design new products


    Senior Software Engineer
    July 2018 - November 2018
    Developed new features for the TRED marketplace
    • Lead the team as Scrum Master encouraging agile practices


    Engineering Manager, Calltracking, Webcrawling, OEM Reports
    April 2015 - June 2018
    Managed development team responsible for lead tracking and website scraping
    • Managed team members, including performance reviews, coaching, and mentoring
    • Interface with product and leadership teams helping to build product backlog
    • Lead the team as Scrum Master encouraging agile practices


    Senior Software Engineer
    January 2015 - March 2016
    Worked on property management software designed to help property managers. Architected backend solutions and participated in design sessions to deliver products that met customers need
    • Developed property management software for residential property owners and management companies
    • Worked with .net (C#) and mysql to implement features in the core Buildium product
    • Brought on to team as an 'agent of change' to improve team's agile software development practices and make the team more reliable and effective
    • Extended legacy billing system to support new types of add-on services
    • Helped integrate Buildium residential lease tracking with Assurant Renters Insurance offering
    • Helped add tenant background check and credit checking service


    Software Engineer
    February 2013 - December 2014
    Started with automation team maintaining automation framework and building messaging queue. Switched to development team working on core product, fixing bugs and building new solutions for enterprise storage using cloud storage and other technologies
    • Maintained UI (Python/CSS/JS) and core libraries (Python/C/C++) of the Nasuni Storage Filer and Console
    • Maintained testing infrastructure and automation dashboard (Python)
    • Led feature team adding FTP mounting ability and other related features to UI and core libraries
    • Helped implement "perfect file locking" between filers to create an effective distributed file system
    • Add feature versioning for maintaining compatibility with older version of the filer
    • Designed "sideloading" feature for installing new versions of the filer


    Senior Software Engineer
    May 2008 - January 2013
    Started with Linux QA team testing full product stack quickly transitioned to development team maintaining test and build tools, as well as architecting new solutions. Eventually fixing Linux kernel driver and library bugs
    • Managed intern team used to support internal testing framework
    • Maintained nightly testing and CI infrastructure (Perl)
    • Fixed kernel Linux driver and library userspace interface bugs (C)
    • Interfaced with major Linux distributions for inbox driver submissions and bug fixes
    • Handled driver release responsibilities and maintained python build scripts
    • Maintained svn branching structure and merges
    • QAed Linux driver, interface library and GUI configuration toolHelped write regression tests
    • Reverse engineered RPM binary driver build process in order to extend support for other distributions
    • Rewrote internal testing framework in Python to make it easier to maintain and extend


    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

    Worcester, Ma
    August 2004 - May 2008